13 January 2019 11:18
(almost 3 years ago)
Can't make a photo which will trully show soft pink colors of these envelopes, but try to believe me..so why to try? Just download and check! The link is here.

15 December 2018 20:24
(almost 3 years ago)
You can downlload this cute print from my Gumroad page.
Do you like it? Press the heart under the photo.

1 December 2018 11:05
(about 3 years ago)
Update in my shop new printable template! You will find there two types of envelopes, three types of paper for letters, wrapping paper and stickers sheet. ALSO personally for you I can add a color background (like you can see on photo - yellow and pink background envelopes or any other you like), just comment about when you are placing order.

23 September 2018 10:54
(about 3 years ago)
My watercolor and ink experiment is ready for use. Just download PDF from my Gumroad.
Please help me to see that my work is needed - share how you use my stationery.

4 June 2018 20:30
(over 3 years ago)
Sometimes the projects I have started do not want to end. Seems like I so forceless or too lazy, but I have a lot of stuff to finish and show you, but can’t complete them.
And there was the same problem with this letter and video. I was making this folder on live stream in my instagram. Next day I finished the decoration and recorded the video, made photographs and that’s all, the work stopped. I tortured myself, editing the video, rerendered it for many times, in the end everything lasted almost 2 months.
I have a feeling that my videos are becoming too similar to each other and it’s boring to watch them, I’m thinking how to make next videos.
The result of my torment can be seen here and, please, say me in the comments (on Youtube) that everything is not so bad. At such times, support is really needed.
P.S. Just think that photos are still beautiful.

13 December 2017 11:52
(almost 4 years ago)
In Russian tradition mandarin is one of symbols of New Year.
Envelope is a little bit different with the photo, but with the same mandarine watercolor. You can add any decorations you like to make it more "holiday".
Find it on my gumroad page for free!

7 December 2017 10:13
(almost 4 years ago)
I do not like when there is absolutely nothing to add to the template. As with the pumpkin set, there is space for your creativity! Decorate the Christmas trees to your taste or leave it as it is, in any case, this tender set will be pleasantly received in this wonderful festive season.
The link is here.

3 December 2017 15:01
(about 4 years ago)
This set appeared in November, when my husband bought some Milky Way chocolates. I've remembered about the illustration I made last year - the watercolor night sky full of stars. So it turned out this incredibly bright set, which will suit nicely for Christmas and New Year themes, it is easy to combine with bright stickers and shining elements. Find it here.

26 October 2017 17:36
(about 4 years ago)
Bright and warm autumn sets. The pattern of leaves, a cozy still life and pumpkins, which can easily be turned into a theme message for Halloween. Only my illustrations.
Look in my shop

14 October 2017 11:43
(about 4 years ago)
Simple, but lovely printable set with one of my favourite symbols of fall.
Download here