12 May 2018 17:33
(over 3 years ago)
One of my favorite materials for writing is a vellum. Transparent sheets give a lightness to the letter view. I use the vellum in snail mail decorations quite often. I make flipbook’s pockets, envelopes, use vellum for packing and even for writing letters on it.
There was an article about choosing vellum for letters, and now I’m going to give you another one idea for using vellum and the way to decorate it.
The trick works on the transparency of vellum. Obviously, that the text of the letter we can write only on one side, but this does not mean that we can not use the reverse side for the decor.
And if the use of stickers and decorative tapes here is meaningless, the drawings and transfer tattoos are very suitable. The transparency of the vellum will allow us to see the image, but it will not hide the text, it wouldn’t interfere reading.
As an example, you see my work. I performed it live on my instagram.
For the drawing I took white (tempera), you can use acrylic or gouache. The white drawing under the text does not prevent reading, but enhances the visibility of the text, you can easily draw leaves, flowers or frosty patterns. In my case, these are branches, I repeated the idea of the envelope.
The important point is when working with a tracing paper, you shouldn’t make a pencil sketch, the paint will hide the pencil from the side of the drawing, but it will be visible where the text is. The second tip is to work with a practically dry brush. The vellum is not intended for painting and a large amount of water can spoil the shape of the sheet (and can damage the text). You can add other colors, but do not get carried away with too active painting, the drawing should remain in the background, to read the letter easy.
Some more adeas for backgroung: to make a pencil drawing, to use color pencils, above I mentioned transfer pictures. Or maybe you have your own ideas on this topic? Share ideas in your instagram with a link to me and I will tell about them in my profile, the most interesting will be on the site.
Have questions? - write to me, I will help!

23 February 2018 22:30
(almost 4 years ago)

20 December 2017 10:42
(about 4 years ago)
I liked this template with the stars so much that I was looking for an opportunity to use it. And once I met the article about space in the magazine. I was very unpolite with that magazine, but the result in the form of this wonderful folder was worth it.
I'm showing the folder and finishing envelope decoration on this video. It's better to watch with sound and use headphones ^ ^

26 June 2017 20:55
(over 4 years ago)
I like to write letters on vellum, so I have plenty of experience working with it. I decided to write a few tips for those who are working with it for the first time, I hope they will come in handy.

Firstly, let's choose a vellum type (see the photos below for reference).
Number one is vellum for ink. It's glossy and it's hard to write on, so itisn't a good fit. Under number two is a vellum for pencil. It's matte and very transparent - the best choice on my opinion. The other two vellum types are for baking; they can have glossy and matte sides, so if you are going to use them for writing or making envelopes, use matte side.
The first two types can be purchased at any stationery (craft) store, and the third and fourth in the any supermarket.

Let's take vellum for pencil. It is easy to write on and it is fairly transparent, so we will use it. No need to draw lines - just apply a sheet of vellum paper to any lined paper and affix it with any way you like (using paper tape or paper clips).

I advise you to check how your pen will write on a vellum paper, before writing a letter. Try to write a test phrase on a sheet of vellum. You may notice that ballpoint pens rarely work well on vellum, and gel pen ink can be easily smudged. I like to write on vellum with liners, they are thin, work good and do not smudge.

If you still have questions, contact me!

2 June 2017 14:20
(over 4 years ago)
If you are following my Instagram, you could see my live streams, during which I'm showing different ways of crafting and decoration can be used for snailmails.
Some results are on these photos.
What would you like to see? I would be glad to get your questions and ideas for my streams, you can write me by any way you can find in "contact" tab.

16 April 2017 10:50
(almost 5 years ago)